A Note to My Patients From WNC Ear Nose & Throat:

I apologize for leaving WNC ENT without being able to tell you!  I was not allowed to send you a letter nor take your contact information with me when I left.  Please let me know your phone number and address.  Either email me or call me.  I'd love to keep in touch!

Loop Systems -- Private and Public
The telecoil in your hearing aid can connect you directly to your television or the pastor at your church.
My business partner, Carl, has extensive training installing loop systems and works with three manufacturers to find the best system for your home television needs.  He also installs loop systems for churches, offices, and large meeting rooms.  Allow me to be your advocate for public loop systems in 2014 so that you can maximize a very important feature in your hearing aid.  www.AllEarsHearHere.com

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