A Note to My Patients From WNC Ear Nose & Throat:

I apologize for leaving WNC ENT without being able to tell you!  I was not allowed to send you a letter nor take your contact information with me when I left.  Please let me know your phone number and address.  Either email me or call me.  I'd love to keep in touch!

Hearing Aids
My goal is to teach you to LOVE your hearing aid!
My primary goal is to help you learn to love the hearing aids you have, not to sell you new ones.  Hopefully, your hearing aids are less than 5-6 years old, are in good working order, and have been recently updated and verified based on your hearing test.  I work with the following manufacturers for accessories, parts, and repairs:


CONTACT US           50 Cedar Hill RD.  West Asheville, NC          PHONE:  828-779-7050          E-MAIL:  [email protected]
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